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Biographical Sketches of Gerald Durrell
The Friend of All Animals: the hard-working, hard-drinking life of the great naturalist Gerald Durrell is described in an authorized biography. [Posted 24 March 2002].
Rogov's Ramblings: In The Shadow of Saint Larry Visiting Corfu. [Posted 28 July 2002]

THE CORFU LANDSCAPES OF GERALD DURRELL by Peter Harrison. A great description of the villas in which the Durrells resided in Corfu. This page takes some time to load on a slow connection - but be patient - you won't regret it. [Posted 14 October 2000]

"Durrelliana" - The Gerald Durrell Tribute Page. The site is under major construction. [Posted 13 July 2002]

An excellent brief account of Durrell's life, from his childhood to the peak of his career.
A Tribute to Gerald Durrell. A bit about him, his books, his zoo, Jersey Island, his Preservation Trust. The webmaster has actually volunteered at the zoo and writes about his experiences. The site has been under construction for a long time, but if ever completed, promises to be very interesting.

A great review by Edward Whitley of the biography of Gerald Durrell "Himself and Other Animals" by David Hughes. Whitley compares the new Douglas Botting's biography (1999) with Hughes', which came out in 1976. The article also contains very interesting and entertaining excerpt about Durrell and is a pleasure to read.
Gerald Durrell biography. [Posted 28 July 2002]

A very short biography of Gerald Durrell; a few books by him are listed.
A brief article from "Ecology Society Newsletter" describing Mr. Durrell's life and work; very well written and composed. (To see the article, please scroll to the very bottom of that page)
This is an article from the Greek newspaper "TA NEA" (26-6-1999). If the article looks Greek to you, that's because it is, but it was kindly summarized to me in English by the person who e-mailed me the link to this article, Yiorgos Sakoufakis (he is a member of the Gerald Durrell Club as "yssak"). Thanks a lot! Here's the summary (slightly edited by me to fit the space):

"The article is a presentation of Botting's book about Gerald Durrell. The title of the article is "The lost paradise of Gerald Durrell". Its first paragraph is a section from "My family and other animals": the moment the ship approaches Corfu and the family faces its beautiful nature. There is a description of Durrell's personality: The restless young man, the successful author, the animal collector, the wild life preserver, the founder of Jersey zoo. Also the columnist mentions some aspects of his private life, his contradictions, his drinking problem and his melancholy times. The article focuses on Durrell's feelings towards Corfu: from adoration to sadness because of the tourists' arrival and its transformation from his own childhood paradise to a tourist destination. He felt guilty for its evolution as he considered that his book played a big role in it. But he continued to visit the island and he has some consolations: The poverty and the illness had disappeared from the island. And as he said once, 'the moon still remains the same'".

  The link is no longer active.
A collection of links, most are out of date.
A few words about Gerald Durrell...

The link is no longer active.

The Cause
  The link is no longer active.
Here's a great new web site with lots of photographs from Jersey Zoo, with emphasis on primates. The site is under construction and promises to be very interesting. [posted 21 September 2000].
  From WildNet Africa News Archive: "Zoos Do Have a Role to Play, Says [Lee] Durrell"
  A partial citation of one of Gerald Durrell's speeches about wild animal populations.
  In the article Determined to save endangered animals from extinction, from The Cape Argus , John Yeld describes Gerald and Lee Durrells' point of view on endangered animals and their conservation, and also mentions how Gerald met Lee in 1977.
  The link is no longer active.
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